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Make a great impression.
Foils from United Global.

Stamping foil. Marking foil. Embossing foil. Gold leaf. Whatever name it goes by in your industry, it's a marking material carried on a thin plastic release film and applied with heat and pressure to the article being marked.

United Global can supply a spectrum of colors in a variety of lengths and widths. Foils widths can be from 1/2" to 24" wide, and lengths can be 200 feet, 400 feet or longer. We'll cut rolls to your dimensions to suit different jobs so you can eliminate waste and save money. We'll even send you a sample to try before you order.

United Global hot stamping foils are made in different formulations to provide proper adhesion to the variety of materials being marked, including leather, vinyl, fabric, wood, laminates and paper.

United Global foils can be used with our KOBO hot stamping machines, sold by United Global Supply, or with our Regal machines.

Make a great impression. Use United Global foils.