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Keen on quality. Keen on price. Nice.

Big job. Small job. Industrial volume. Small business. Home printing. Whatever your needs, United Global can meet your hot foil printing requirements.

KOBO Machines Regal

For large volume industrial uses, KOBO machines are always the best value with unsurpassed quality and design. They provide instant and convenient ways for hot foil printing and embossing. United Global has many models with different sizes and designs to meet your needs. They can be used to imprint on leather, wood, paper, plastics, etc.

To meet occasional needs, Regal hot stamping machines are your choice. Built to foil print on a variety of leather and vinyl goods such as key cases, wallets, tags, paper products and books, the Super Regal is ideal.

Fast track productivity.

Semi-automatic KOBO machines take the strain off the operator while keeping the flexibility of a manual machine. Pump up production with automatic cycling of impressions.

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Manual. Without muss.

Easy set-up. Efficient heating. Convenient sliding table. Auto foil feed and rewind. Precise pressure control. These KOBO machines dispel the notion that manual means messy or difficult.

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Regal. Super for small jobs.

Automatic type centering. Thermostatic heat control for consistency. Automatic, adjustable foil advance. Regal foil machines are perfect for point-of-sale or small lots.

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No-glitch glitz.

Use our shiny stuff to get attention. Foils from 1/2" to 24" wide. 200', 400' or longer. We'll cut rolls to your dimensions from a variety of colors and finishes.

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Fonts & dies. Letter perfect.

Whether you need a new font or special wing ding characters, or if you need a customized die for hot stamping, United Global is your answer.

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