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The United Global product line.

United Global Supply is the shoemaking industry's supply line. Other companies may offer portions of the United Global product line, but no other vendor supplies the complete breadth and depth that we do. United Global is shoemaking’s single source supplier.

Founded in September 2002 as a division of United Shoe Machinery Corporation, United Global Supply is rooted in the experience and know-how of PCI Group, C.S. Pierce Companies and United Shoe Machinery. The roster of companies where our experts learned their professions recalls the stalwarts of the industry – J.C. Rhodes, W.W. Cross, A.H. Miller, Brockton Sole, USM’s Medway division, Walkover.

When you buy from United Global you're buying more than our top quality brushes, knives or setting tools – you’re buying the expertise and ingenuity of people who have served shoemakers unstintingly throughout their careers.

Sure, we've been in the shoemaking business for a long time. But we’re still passionate about getting it right for our customers.