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Eyelet Setting Tools

There have been reports of problems achieving acceptable settings with the new nylon coated eyelets that are being used primarily on Military Type Footwear. The thicker coating of the nylon finish causes the problem.

United Global Supply has developed a set of Green Tip tools, for the United UEC Eyeletting Machine - Model C, that will provide good, clean settings in either roll set or scored setting configuration for the nylon coated eyelets.

We have combined the required tools in a package to expedite your ordering. Please specify roll or scored setting. We are providing this solution for AA size eyelets. Other sizes will be produced as industry demands require.

6    EL 27 M (Roll Setting) AA NYLON Set Dies
6    EL 27 K (Scored Setting) AA NYLON Set Dies
1    EL 127 Y Set Cap AA NYLON
1    EL 227 Y Set Spindle AA NYLON

Please keep in mind the added thickness of the nylon finish may require adjustment of the raceway rails and hopper combs.

Contact United Global Supply today to order these kits.

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