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Supply side economics:
Shoemaking supplies, economically

No other shoe industry supplier can do it. Only United Global offers such a comprehensive line of shoemaking supplies this broad and this deep to meet all your needs.

Shoemaking SuppliesBecause we've supplied the industry for decades and because we have the know-how that kind of experience brings, we can recommend the best products to work optimally in your manufacturing process.

Moreover, with our long-standing vendor relationships and ability to purchase in volume, we can price economically, saving you money while keeping your factory operating at peak.

While eyelets and gore, wire and waxes may not be the glamorous side of shoemaking, we know it's the quality of the little things that counts.

Eyelets, tacks & nails

United Global extends its heritage of top quality eyelets for shoemaking with a variety of aluminum and brass surface, blind and telescopic eyelets. Shoemaking tacks and nails are offered as cut or wire, hand or machine, as well as annular threaded heel nails.

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UGS shanks are "tailor-made" to fit: Several master models in key sizes are individually fitted to your lasts. Some of the more popular shank styles are illustrated.

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Gore elastic, hook & loop

We can supply gore (or goring) elastic as woven, knitted or braided in a variety of sizes, colors, decoration and stretch factor to fulfill your needs and budget. Larger diameter shock cord – a.k.a. bungee – can be supplied. United Global also offers original Velcro® or generic hook and loop fasteners.

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Twine, ties & bands

United Global jute twines are the most economical for tying components together for later assembly. We offer different strengths so you can tailor the twine to the operation. "Ty-ups" and rubber bands in many sizes can be supplied.

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Waxes & lubricators

United Global's complete line of hot and liquid stitching waxes and thread lubricators is designed to meet every shoemaking need. These high quality materials penetrate the thread, adding strength and flexibility to allow proper machine tension resulting in tight, smooth seams.

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Shoe wire

UGS side lasting wire is made from trouble-free machine-grade stock, available in 5-pound spools or 50- to 55-pound reels. We also offer staple and stitching wires, as well as nylon monofilament.

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Rubber cleaners

Made from pure natural crepe, United Global rubber cleaners provide simple, easy method of removing latex cement from the uppers of shoes. It’s also great for cleaning stains from uppers.

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