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Keeping the factory floor tidy increases efficiency, productivity and safety. United Global is your source for last bins, drum and can handling equipment, cyclone and cabinet dust collectors, tote boxes and dispensing cans for materials.

Tote boxes, cans & dishes Drum Handling Drum Handling

Last bins

United Global last bins are easy to set up and can be moved without fuss if the factory layout changes. The bins can be 3, 4 or 5 high, either single or double faced using a common back to lower cost. Partitions are available to subdivide the bays as needed.
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Drum handling

We can fulfill your can and drum handling needs. Our drum truck moves and dispenses with one convenient hand truck. Single or double drum rotators agitate contents without opening the drum to eliminate hazards and mess. To make it easier to handle 5-gallon cans, we offer can tippers.
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Dust collectors

United Global provides cyclone and cabinet dust collectors in a variety of sizes, styles and capacities. Used to eliminate dust, chips and shaving from buffing, grinding and trimming, the collectors are connected to individual or multiple shoemaking machines so there is no need for expensive central systems.
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Tote boxes & cans

Our tote boxes make materials handling more efficient, whether for transport in the factory and warehouse, or for storage. Made of high density polyethylene with seamless construction, the totes have smooth inner surfaces to protect the contents. United Global also offers cans for adhesives, resins and cleaners.
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