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Your business depends on quality & productivity.
Depend on KOBO hot stamping machines from United Global.

You can't do better than KOBO, a world-renowned company with vast experience in building high quality hot foil presses for international markets. United Global is the U.S. supplier with the widest range of available machines.

Parts and materials are sourced to ensure the highest quality at the best prices. Design, engineering and finishing take place in-house and all equipment is inspected and tested prior to leaving the factory.

Specifications on all machines include:

  • Solid cast alloy body
    • Handles heat and pressure with zero frame distortion.
  • Exclusive, flat heating elements
    • Provides highly efficient and even heat distribution, critical to the successful production of high quality printing.
  • Horizontal sliding print beds
    • Allows accurate, easy positioning of large and small products.
  • Sealed modular electronics
    • Ensures precise control, total reliability and complete safety.
  • Full ergonomic design
    • Enables all operations – setting up, printing and product recovery – to be carried out with minimal effort while remaining comfortably seated.

Choose between semi-automatic and manual machines. Semi-automatic machines are suited to greater production with pressure being supplied pneumatically, not physically, and therefore less tiring for the operator. Manual machines provide a better feel for the material being marked, with pressure being applied by the operator. Because of this, they are suited to shorter runs and occasional use.

Semi-Automatic Manual
3/4-ton, 2x3"
2.75-ton, 12x7.6"
2-ton, 6x10"
1/4-ton, 5x8.6"
1-ton, 5x7"