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True grit. We got it.

United Global knows what you want in shoemaking abrasives: high quality with uniform grit that translates to longer use, less downtime, more productivity and lower cost.

AbrasivesWe supply the widest variety of coated and carbide abrasives, as well as sharpening stones and wheels, all manufactured to original USM or OEM standards for topnotch reliability.

Have a special requirement? Contact United Global and we'll work with you to design a solution to your special need.

Coated abrasives

United Global stocks a full line, including belts, rolls, sheets, cords, tapes and utility rolls for general purpose uses. Specialty abrasives heel breasters, pads for shank area bottoms and pinwheels, especially for bootmaking.
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Carbide abrasives

You'll have no regrets when you use United Global's regrittable carbide wheels for finishing. Realize important savings with their initial longer wear, plus their ability to be regritted time and again for long-term payback.
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Sharpening stones & wheels

United Global sharpening stones and wheels are available in numerous shapes and sizes – round, rectangular, tapered, triangular, slips, flat, combined fine and coarse, dish shaped for forepart cutters, and shaped for trimming, skiving and splitting. We continue to supply stones and wheels for all United Shoe Machinery equipment.
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