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Brush on. Brush off.

Whether you're applying cement, polish or stain, or roughing an upper, or cleaning shoes for shipping, United Global won't give you the brush-off.

BrushesUnited Global brushes combine careful workmanship with quality materials to produce the finest – and widest – line of shoemaking brushes available. They stand up to hard, constant use and have a long life when properly treated, which saves you time and money when compared to lesser quality replacements.

We offer a varied and complete array of brushes for roughing, finishing, staining, polishing and cleaning. We also supply general purpose and specialty miniature brushes.

Hand brushes

Skilled brush makers and careful craftsmanship combine to produce our line of long wearing hand brushes. Abundant bristle, soft flexible hair and nylon, or squarely trimmed wire is firmly set in hardwood blocks or handles.
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Machine brushes

Our machine brushes are used for heel cleaning and finishing, wax spreading, blacking and slicking, shank finishing, gumming and staining, and final polishing and cleaning for packaging.
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Wire brushes

United's wire brushes are the standard for roughing all parts of the shoe. We've worked with the leading maker of wire brushes to develop a line engineered specifically for shoemaking. Wire brushes are trimmed and pre-sharpened to speed production and extend brush life. Others may compete with us, but none offers United Global's quality and value.
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Brush care

Treating brushes properly will extend their life, saving you money and increasing productivity. Here are some tips on the use of flanges, sharpening and using our brushes.
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