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Shoe machine supplies from United Global Supply are manufactured to original equipment specifications, with the same focus on topnotch quality while maintaining performance and economy.

Knives & Groovers Cutters & Irons Needles, awls & drivers

United Global has the broadest selection of shoe machine supplies available in the industry today. That means we can be your sole source for keeping your factory performing at peak productivity.

After all, quality breeds quality.

KZG - Knives & groovers

All United Global knives and groovers are accurately ground, beveled and properly trimmed for efficient operation. Orders should specify knife number, machine name and symbol to ensure receiving the correct knife. A KZG index begins on page 20 to help you find the machine or knife you need.
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Eyelet setting tools

Known throughout the shoe industry, our "Green Tip" eyelet setting tools maintain the unrivaled accuracy and unbeatable quality since they were first introduced. When ordering, please be sure to designate the size eyelet and the eyeletting machine the setting tools are for.
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Needles, awls & drivers

Awls and drivers are for use on shoemaking machines. Needles and awls are made of high quality nickel plated steel, and are designed to reduce friction and give longer wear. All are balanced for temper, flexibility and toughness.
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Cutters & irons

United Global cutters and irons cover a wide variety of items, but consist chiefly of forepart, shank and heel cutters complete with fittings. Vibrating or rotary edge setting irons are available. Heel trimming blades and randers can be had in a variety of heights and shapes.
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Cutting surfaces

Our cutting surfaces are a cut above. They set factory standards for long life, clean cutting and greater economy. The surfaces handle tough stock, keep production high, require little maintenance, and keep dies sharper longer. Composition or plastic surfaces are offered.
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