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Handy hand tools,
as in useful, skillful, nifty

The craft of shoemaking continues to employ skilled artisans making time-honored manual operations. The hand tools they use encompass a wide variety of specialized task-oriented implements from awls and hammers, nippers and pincers, to scissors and tack pullers.

ToolsOnly United Global Supply offers the complete range of these hand tools. Many of the most commonly used are kept in stock for same-day shipping. All are made to the same standard of high quality as they have been for decades.

Hand tools

United Global supplies awls, hafts and handles, clicker and scrap hatchets, hammers, nippers, last pincers, tack pullers and heated shoemaking irons. All of your needs are supplied in one place.
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"Green Handle" shoe knives

United Global "Green Handle" specialized hand knives are made from polished alloy steel, properly tempered and machine ground. Blades are securely riveted into hard wood handles.
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Scissors, shears, clips, nippers and trimmers from various manufacturers are all high quality at economical prices, offering great value. All give you long cutting life, with maximum cutting edge hardness and durability.
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Jacks & stands

Shoemaking requires a number of specialized jacks and stands, especially in constructing hand-sewn shoes. We provide moccasin and lasting jacks as well as general purpose bench stands.
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