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Fonts and dies. Letter perfect.
Picture perfect.

United Global can supply fonts and dies for all hot stamping machines, whether sold by us or purchased elsewhere.

We offer both stock and special-order fonts, including alphabets, numbers, wing dings and other special characters. These can be used to assemble a customized message, name or logo for hot stamping.

United Global can also create customized dies for stamping. Our dies are made of brass, magnesium or silicone rubber, depending on your requirements. To accurately make the die, we’ll need original art work, the finished size of the die, and detailed mounting information such as thickness, how the die will be affixed, etc.

A good course of action when ordering fonts or dies is to refer to UGS for guidance. We’d be pleased to spend time with you to make certain you get something that’s right the first time. Just call us at (+1) 508.923.6001.