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Operating Tips for United Global Wire Brushes

Wire brushes from United Global Supply are pre-sharpened as part of the manufacturing process to insure proper balance. The arrows on the hub indicate the direction of rotation when the brush is first installed. After the initial period of use, reversing the brush on the shaft, periodically, will tend to re-sharpen the tips, providing faster cutting and increasing the life of the brush.

Wire Brush Care

When re-sharpening a United Global Wire Brush, reverse the direction of rotation, using a United Global No. 78 Sharpening Stone. Apply light pressure, holding the stone flat against the brush surface. Light pressure will insure that the wire tips are not overheated, causing the temper of the wire to be removed and making it difficult to maintain sharp cutting points.

Use of Flanges

The use of graduated flanges is recommended for maximum brush life. Use the largest flange possible to reduce excessive flexing of the wires. Reduce flange diameters as the brush wears. The rule of thumb is to have a maximum wire extension beyond the flange of 3/8" and to change to a smaller flange when 1/8" of wire is showing. United Global Supply has a complete line of wire brush flanges. They may be purchased in individual sets of two or complete graduated sets to fit any machine.

Brushing Pressure

Remember: The tips of a wire brush do the work. Operate the brush with the lightest pressure so only the tips of the wire come in contact with the surface to be abraded. If heavier pressures are used, the wires will be over flexed, resulting in a wiping action and, if this is continued, the life of the brush will be severely shortened due to wire fatigue from the wire flexing. Apply the surface to be roughened to the face of the brush in such a way that as much of the brush face as possible is in full contact with the work surface. Applying the work to the side or edge of the brush will result in wire breakage and shortened brush life.

Wire Brush Safety Rules

Read and observe the "Power Brush Safety Requirements" slip that is packed with each United Global Supply wire brush. Always use required eye protection when using wire brushes.