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We know nitty gritty.

United Global regrittable carbide abrasive wheels are an invaluable finishing tool for heel scouring, toe pounding, bottom roughing or edge trimming. Cutting cleaner and faster, these wheels wear longer to save you money.

Carbide AbrasivesAll of our wheels can be regritted. Their shapes have been designed expressly for repeated gritting so you can save money not just on the initial purchase, but over and over. When you return your wheels to United Global, we will strip and restore the original grit surface (or a different surface if you want), rebalance the wheel electronically, and return it to you at a fraction of the original cost.

Need a specialized design or material? United Global has had experience with just about every "impossible" problem. We'll design and manufacture shapes to give optimum performance. That's how we combine product with experience to give you superior service.

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