TC-812 Half Ton Semi-Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

This press can be activated with dual push buttons or with a foot pedal. The machine comes equipped with an electric eye and mechanical safety device to allow foot pedal activation to be used. The machine is also equipped with an automatic slide worktable for easy placement of parts, mechanical counter, electrical dwell time control, electric foil pull assembly and a stamping head adjustment to allow up to 6 inches of extra clearance.

Machine Specifications

Model TC-812
Printing Head size 5" x 8.6" (125mm x 220mm)
Max Pressure 660lbs (300kg)
Heating capacity 800 watts @110v, 1000 watts @220v
Max. Opening 7.8” 200mm
Head stroke 2.4 inches (60mm)
Worktable 9.5 x 12.5 inches (240mm x 320mm)
Foil Controller Mechanism
Thermo Controller 0-750F (0-400C)
Power Supply 110v / 220v / 240v
Net Weight 230 lbs. (104kg)
Machine dimensions 19"L x 21"W x 32"H