TC-821 Two Ton Hot Stamping Machine

This machine is a 2-ton toggle action machine of which you can produce a variety of consistent hot stamped or branded items with little effort. The operator-friendly adjustable head clearance feature along with the fine pressure adjustments allows the operator to produce quality impressions at a very reasonable cost.

Other features include a manual slide worktable, electric foil feed assembly, high heat radiant heater head and a mechanical counter. As an added feature, we modified the worktable to handle easy, drop-on base plates. This allows you to add tooling fixtures, make-ready or whatever is necessary for this application one time. The plate can be easily removed and used at a later date. This will also be registered on center with whatever self-centering die locking accessory you decide upon.

Machine Specifications

Model TC-821
Size of Hot Plate 6" x 10" (160 x 260mm)
Work Table Size 12.5" x 15" (320 x 380mm)
Max. Pressure 4,400 lbs. (2,000 Kg.)
Max. Head Stroke 1.2 - 2 inches (30 - 50 mm)
Max. Opening (flat) 7.5" (190 mm)
Voltage Supply 110v / 220v / 240v
Heater Capacity 1,500 W
Foil Controller Motor Drive
Thermo Controller 0 - 750 degrees F (0 - 400 C)
Net Weight 370 lbs. (167 Kg.)
Gross Weight 460 lbs. (210 Kg.)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 26x23x35" (660x580x880mm)