TC-851 Manual Hot Stamping Branding Machine

When you need a machine capable of accurately and efficiently printing up to A4, then the TC-851 is your choice. It's a big machine for those bigger jobs, combining power and size in an elegantly designed package.

The TC-851 is the most modern and technically advanced machine in its class. This machine can generate a working pressure up to 5,500 pounds and provides an instant and convenient way of hot foil printing and embossing. Its primary application is to stamp or emboss signage where color and metallic special effects are applied to photopolymer graphics. One common use is for ADA-compliant hospital signage with raised lettering and Braille characters. Office and airport signage is another common use.

Its main features are:

  • Horizontal sliding print bed for accurate product placement.
  • Variable motorized auto foil feed for minimal waste and effort.
  • 3000-watt flat heating element for efficient heat transfer.
  • Micro-adjustable pressure for the ultimate in convenience and versatility.
  • Independent leveling for accurate, positive control.
  • 300x200mm print head. 320x370mm worktable.
  • Up to 190mm product thickness.

Machine Specifications

Model TC-851
Size of Hot Plate 12" x 7.6" (300 x 200mm)
Work Table Size 12.5" x 15" (320 x 380mm)
Max. Pressure 5,500 lbs. (2,500Kg.)
Max. Head Stroke 1.2 - 2" (30 - 50 mm)
Max. Opening (flat) 7.5" (190mm)
Voltage Supply 220v
Heater Capacity 3,000 W
Foil Controller Motor Drive
Thermo Controller 0 - 750 degrees F (0 - 400 C)
Net Weight 450 lbs. (204 Kg.)
Gross Weight 540 lbs. (244 Kg.)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 26 x 23 x 36" (660x580x910mm)